What Is CarePeeps?

CarePeeps is a Virtual Care Assistant Application for Caring From A Distance

Voice-enabled operation

Track Medicines, Diet, Exercise, Vitals and more

Red/Yellow/Green dashboard shows you how Mom/Dad is doing throughout the day

Share your wellness and medical history. Keep critical files such as insurance cards and medical powers of attorney stored for easy access.

Why People Choose CarePeeps

Distanced Caregiving Is
Easier with CarePeeps
COVID-19 has changed caregiving to our most vulnerable citizens. . How can we continue to safely provide much needed care to our loved ones while social and physical distancing to protect them? CarePeeps' Virtual Care Assistant can help. It can help guide mom through her day and and keep you informed throughout the day.
Be Ready for
With CarePeeps
Never be caught off guard by an emergency again.
CarePeeps gives you secure access to critical health information at the touch of a button.
Share medical records with first responders and medical personnel.
Have the information to be your loved one's best medical advocate even if you can't be there!
CarePeeps is Easy to Use CarePeeps' advanced voice technologies allow seniors to enter data easily and naturally.
Just push the button and talk. No more glasses required.
CarePeeps' Voice Analytics and Learning engine, dubbed VAL, makes CarePeeps easy to use. VAL takes every day inputs and transforms them into actionable data for caregivers and medical professionals alike.
Medical Professionals
Use CarePeeps
Between Visits
Medical Professionals use CarePeeps to help maintain their patient's independence in their activities. Add your favorite doctor or medical professional to your care group for between visit updates.

Let's Meet VAL, The Brains Behind CarePeeps

Hello, I'm CarePeep's Voice Analytics and Learning engine...but you can call me VAL.

I'm the "brains" behind CarePeeps. But you can just think of me as your virtual care assistant.

My job is to help you through your day--listening to you, processing your commands and organizing all your health data. Then, I generate reports so that your caregivers can see what's happening on a day to day basis with you even when they can't be there.

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